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Shri S.Gopu, Chairman and Managing Director & Director (HR)
Under the Swachh Bharath Mission, ITI is associated with the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) to install feedback devices at public toilets to regularly monitor and maintain cleanliness of toilets in several districts of 12 states with support from district municipal corporation bodies. The flagship Programme is also supplemented by government's vision of Digital India and Startup India where ITI helps startups in manufacturing prototypes and even provide them a helping hand into getting in the market. The Swachhata Feedback Website is one of the key initiatives of ITI Limited that enables concerned authorities to receive real-time feedback from public toilets across the regions.
Shri K.Alagesan, Director (Production & Marketing)
The Swachhata Feedback Website will reflect the real-time data received from feedback devices installed at various municipal corporation bodies. The device will register the feedback data in the form of Good, Average and Bad and will be seamlessly transmitted to the cloud. If the data count has more bad/average, it will be escalated to the first level officer of the concerned municipality. If no action is taken after first level escalation, the same shall be escalated to next level. The escalation matrix shall be decided by the concerned municipalities.